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Selling fashion in Yellow Crocs

How to sell your dirty washing I love the Australian Desert. A week ago I was out there doing a walk and I came across a group of elderly bird watchers. We got chatting and I listened as they told

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I’m thinking of a number…

Win a “Not just numbers” Mirrogram™ shirt by posting your guess in the comment section below. The winner is the person closest to my number, which is between 1 and 319039! RULES First person to guess a number claims that number as their

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Selling. Without selling your soul!

There are now 400 Mirrogram™ shirts sitting in our living room. The up-side to this is that if I don’t get rid of any, I wont have to do washing for the rest of my life! The down-side is that I will be

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Lessons from a Pumpkin Patch

A while ago I buried some compost in our garden hoping to make the soil more fertile. To my surprise, a few weeks later pumpkins started popping up everywhere. Before we knew it our empty patch of dirt was being overrun

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