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One year as an Entrepreneur

Today marks the end of my first year as an entrepreneur. What a ride it’s been! I thought it would be good to take some of my own advice and “Stop and Reflect” before I head over to India. So here’s

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Switch Off

Too much of a good thing One Ice-Cream makes you happy. A second Ice-Cream maybe a little more. The third Ice Cream doesn’t make us happy at all, and the fourth makes us sick. How we use Smartphones and Tablets

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Shut up Brain!

Ever had your brain flat out ignore you? Things were busy. I worked a string of late nights gathering content for the new website, launching an advertisement and creating a number of custom designs. Despite having my very own psychologist on

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Looking beyond sales figures

To market, to market All around me professionals are setting up their stalls, they have systems to make things easier, displays to store their products on and  vans to transport their goods. Everyone has a marquee. Except me. I have

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