Ambigram design gallery

Hey there,

Here are some examples of my Ambigrams. Hand designed, computer perfected. These have taken me quite a while to get looking all pretty-like so if you want to use any of the files I’d appreciate it if you didn’t flog them off this website.

Each of these designs can be purchased for just $10

If you want your first name custom designed you can have that done and sent to you as a digital file to use for shirts, tattoo’s, banners, stickers or whatever you like. $20 for names with less than ten letters. Surnames for $35.

Purchase an Ambigram now!

2 comments on “Ambigram design gallery
  1. Hi Andrew, I met you at Liz’s Xmas Party last year with my boys. Who are now obsessed with frisbee! I was interested in an Ambigram of both the kids names. I have h one, but don’t think one of the names is that clear. I’m interested in it as a tattoo & would love nothing more than to see what you could come up with & support your business. The boys names are Fletcher & Bowen. What do you think? Thanks for your time, Eliza

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