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I first got into writing things upside down during my holidays. One day was looking on the internet for interesting stuff to do with Maths and I came across some Ambigrams. I thought to myself this doesn’t look too hard and so began my obsession.

My first few were rubbish, at best. But I tried to convince others that their vision was the problem, not my unreadable writing.

Most of those holidays were spent making Ambigrams for all my friends, which didn’t take that long as I only had three at the time! Since then I have been hand drawing Ambigrams for friends, family and random strangers all over the world. From Afghanistan to Alaska.

So, here are the steps involved in making an Ambigram, (pictures will be added soon and I will post an instructional video on the website shortly)

Step 1: Decide on what you want the Ambigram to say.

This may seem a stupid thing to say but some people have asked me to turn a three letter word reading one way into a seven-letter word reading the other.

Most people just want their word to say the same thing both ways.


Step 2: Write out the word or words you have chosen twice. The first time so they can be read right side up. The second time so they can be read upside down.

Below (will be) some examples.


Step 3: Now your goal is to make the two words you have written out become one.

You can do this letter by letter to begin with…

For example: The letter ‘C’ for Carmel, must also become an ‘L’ when rotated. At first this looks impossible but once you learn that the brain is always trying to make sense of things you will see what I mean. It looks like a ‘C’ with a line on the left. That line doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t look like any other letter and so your brain ignores it. Sweet.


Now I have to turn an ‘E’ into an ‘A’. If I were to do this with CAPITAL letters it would be really hard, so I choose to use a lower case ‘e’ and ‘a’. This way it is much easier.




notice how you can combine things to make your design even more awesome.So the Ambigramming begins. If you write it out really well from one direction the chances are it will look rubbish when you turn it upside down.

The trick is to comprimise so that it is readable from both directions.


Here’s a You Tube video of a deer while you wait for the Ambigram instructional video!



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