Business Romance destroyed by a PDF-file!


Whenever you start something new, there is always an increased level of excitement, energy and tolerance for things going wrong. After regularly pumping out twelve hour days, meeting with a very successful App designer and learning to make a Website, I was wondering how long this time of romance would last.

Not long it turns out.

After hiccups with PayPal buttons and then with files I’d created not being compatible with the Website, I was pretty worked up. Then it happened. All I wanted to do was add an extra page to a PDF document (which literally took two seconds the day before on another computer) and I couldn’t. I looked up Q&A sites and watched online tutorials that told me to go into menu’s I didn’t have and select options that didn’t exist.

I was ready to scream. I probably should have.

Aaaaaaaaah, stupid PDF-file”. That way I would have at least gotten help from the police!

After my patience, my energy also came to an abrupt end after attempting to both cheer with “the Heard” and hand out 1500 Ambigram banners at the Australian Open. (Told you I was ambitious)

I still have around 700 posters… Okay, over-ambitious!

I crashed, exhausted. It was a massive effort to get that happening as well as a functional website together. I had learnt so much in the first week. Here are my main thoughts

1) I can very easily start to overlook people when I am obsessed with my own goals.  I find I stop caring as much and my mind wanders onto what I want to achieve or what I need to get done. For example getting someone to ‘Like’ your website on Facebook, complete a task you need done, or buy stuff.

2) I really need a structured set of goals for each day (Thanks Jen and Mitch) otherwise I will try to invent a board game, author a book, start a website and learn how to use Twitter (I almost got banned for sending people my website link) then wonder why I seem to have made no progress. I will constantly need to remind myself to

Stupid Technology

“Concentrate all your thoughts on the task at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”   

  –Alexander Graham Bell –

 If you have any further tips or advice on staying focused I’d love for you to share a comment below.



Upper middle: Your device is working properly   

Lower left, Scanner: USB not connected   

Bottom Middle: USB clearly connected! 


3) Productivity has become a term almost exlusive to business. I can already see myself obsessing over things like checking how many people have visited the website, how many sales I’ve made, who I can contact next or any number of “productive” endeavours that don’t allow me to switch off. Slowly but surely becoming someone physically present and mentally absent outside work hours.

There are an endless amount of things to worry about but when Lisa comes home and needs a husband whose mind is not elsewhere, I hope to be that guy. If that means sacrificing getting a few things done then so be it!

However, I don’t want to think of it as a sacrifice either, I’d much rather reclaim the word ‘productive’ to talk about common endeavours such as my relationships or leisure time. “That was a really productive game of basketball, productive listening to my friend, productive watching those students perform”…

The trouble is, unlike in business, this kind of productivity is almost impossible to measure. The question is, which type of productivity will really matters to you in the end?

I’d like to make a commitment from the outset, which you are welcome to challenged me on. While I am still determined to get a whole bunch of things done, for me running a business, the real bottom line is this.

People come first.
Stuff can get stuffed.



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4 comments on “Business Romance destroyed by a PDF-file!
  1. Kevin says:

    Magnificent – enjoyed reading those observations.

  2. Jordan Guyot says:

    Sounds like you’ve encountered a real entrepreneurial Moro there. I can’t help but admire your spirit. Have you ever read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? Supposedly the most effective people put more into ‘production capability’ rather than ‘production’ itself. Not that I can vouch from personal experience…

    • andrew says:

      Hey Jordan, it’s been a long time…But I still remember Moro’s. I have read the 7 Habits, maybe I should go back and have another look. Production capability sounds interesting, but somewhat like a talented but lazy student!

      Let me know what you’re up to these days.
      My email address is still the same

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