The wanderings of an Entrepreneurial Hobo

So here I am.

With no idea where to start, waiting for my ABN in a public library because our house doesn’t have internet access, mobile reception, or air conditioning. All of which the libraray does, jackpot!

I’ve resigned from my high school teaching position at Alexandra Secondary College.
This year I will not be teaching kids I love.
This year there will not be the security of my steady income.
This year I will be unemployed (by choice) again.
Thank goodness for a $upportive wife (Insert – I aint sayin’ he’s a gold digger music here) who is also willing to take risks.

So here I am.

With enough ideas in my head I could sink a ship. Probably seven.

Some have been there for years, others just pop up unexpectedly and keep me awake till 4am! What would be worse than that though is waking up in 20 years time, thinking, I really should have had a crack. Sitting round a table telling others about all the fantastic ideas I had when I was younger, knowing they remained only that, ideas.

Me and Lisa decided that if I’m going to get anything done I will need to focus on just five of them.

1) I’d like to publish an illustrated book.
2) Design a Maths board game (probably now as an app)
3) Develop another app that I can’t tell you about :)
4) Have my Ambigrams and other designs printed on Tee-Shirts and requested by companies.
5) Start a greeting card company or at least get them published by someone else.
6) Start a Fundraising Organisation where young people work as a group to complete ridiculous challenges such as Getting to every Train station in Melbourne in Under 24 hours, cutting a section of grass with only scissors, run homeless nights, throw a frisbee the length of the 90 mile beach.

I know there are 6! But technically that last one is an organisation and I couldn’t possibly go a whole year without involving others in what I am doing. That, and I am a hopelessly ambitious optimist.

So here I am.

Recording my journey this year.
Hope you find it interesting

On the Flip Side,
Andrew Lorimer-Derham

PS: If you have any thoughts or advice, please leave a comment below…and by that I mean click on the tiny little thing that says comments at the top of this post!!

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6 comments on “The wanderings of an Entrepreneurial Hobo
  1. Jess Chambers says:

    Tell us more about the illustrated book…

    • andrew says:

      It’s going to be a Dr Suess version of the life most people live…including myself, infact most of the things in it have happened to me. The main point is that it gets tiring constantly trying to ‘fit in’, regardless of what kind of ‘fitting in’ you are trying to do.

      Hopefully my sister can illustrate it. I don’t think readers would appreciate my stick figures

  2. Andrew Dingey says:

    Hey there Andrew. You need to check out as it is an app development tool that runs cross platform for example ipad, android, smart phone.

    All the best

  3. Trav says:

    You’ve already invented a most entertaining blog!

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