How can EYE do the impossible?

Katz CowleyA few days ago I went to a workshop run by Katz Cowley, illustrator of the bestselling children’s book, The Wonky Donkey. Her artwork is incredible and had me again thinking, “I wish I could do that”. (see previous post)

Looking at the finished product can be completely overwhelming at times, so much so that you sit around doing nothing because you have no idea where to start. We often forget that behind every remarkable performance are hours of unremarkable practice. 

So practice we did!  For the next hour Katz showed us how to draw an eye. Turns out what I’d always thought was a two step process (draw a circle with a dot in the middle) consists of at least 20 small parts. As Katz broke things down I realised how many things I had never noticed before. What was once overwhelming became easy and with one simple step at a time something eye can be proud of emerged!

Now all I need to do is learn how to break down starting a business into small manageable parts!


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