Just ‘Cause

everest Just cause

“Because it’s there!”

That is how mountaineer George Mallory responded when asked why he wanted to climb Mt Everest.

People love testing their limits. Pushing themselves to the very edge to see what is possible. Why else would anyone run a Marathon, memorize pi to 100,000 digits or eat 68 Hot Dogs in under ten minutes?

What is “Just ‘Cause”?

There are many justice issues worthy of our attention; poverty, disease, hunger, equality, greed, education, clean water, racism, climate change, bullying, cancer, fair trade… It doesn’t matter which one you are passionate about, only that you get up and do something about it!

Just ‘Cause is an opportunity to do that which involves

  • Inventing and completing an epic challenge, Just ‘Cause.
  • Raising money/awareness for a “Just Cause.”

For more information click HERE or for some fundraising/awareness ideas click HERE.

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2 comments on “Just ‘Cause
  1. Kevin Jackson says:

    I find George Mallory’s “because it’s there” quote strange. As there are so many things to do in life, I’d want reasons to do what I’m doing. I can’t possibly do everything (see pumpkin analogy), so I would have expected a reason! I don’t want to play music because the instrument is there, or because Bach’s suites have been written and they are there, I do these things because they bring me joy (selfish perspective revealed), because I enjoy the beauty. Beautiful ballets have also been written, but I don’t pursue them because they are there, I choose the things which I love. This page presents a juxtaposition (ridiculous word, did I use it correctly?) in doing things just ’cause (for no reason) for a “Just Cause” (for a very good reason – all of those causes listed are terrific), perhaps you intended this to be the case?

    • Andrew Lorimer-Derham says:

      Very interesting thoughts Kev, I think the reason for doing things (Just
      ‘Cause) is to challenge ourselves testing our limits and see what we
      are capable of, rather than having a purpose behind any one given
      activity. As well as that choosing to do something ridiculous stretches
      me, forms community, builds friendships, develops skills and creates a
      platform for speaking into something that is important and meaningful. I
      guess I need to communicate this more effectively because using the
      words Just ‘Cause describes only the reason for completing a particular
      task and not all the great things that come out of working together to
      complete it. Thanks for your comment, it really got me thinking :)

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