Training for HOPE: 17 Schoolkids. 217 Stations. 24 hours. The description was simple, the task ridiculously hard. Was it even possible to get to every Metro Station in Melbourne in under twenty-four hours?… MORE

Simple Lunch: It’s amazing what you will find in a dumpster, you should try it some time! I remember opening the lid of one bin and finding something far more disgusting than mouldy rubbish…MORE

Busking All Stations: Melbourne and Sydney battle it out to be the first to busk at 100 Railway Stations. Two talent-less teams must invent ways to extract money from their fellow passengers…MORE

Ride Round Australia: Riding around Australia has long been a dream of mine but I could never quite turn it into a weekend trip! I decided to re-invent the challenge so anyone can get involved…MORE

Homeless Night: Why would a bunch of young people volunteer to dress in rubbish bags, sleep in boxes and eat tinned Baked Beans?…MORE

Come & See; India and Nepal: Beautiful mountains and filthy rivers, unimaginable riches next door to slums, delicious food and awful smells; What is it that keeps me coming back…MORE

Flow Rider 100: Could you cycle 100km in under twenty-four hours…on the water? There was only one way to find out. Armed with a Pedal Boat we headed up to the Murray River…





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