Come & See: India & Nepal

THE STORY: I once went to Calcutta, one of the most densely populated places on earth. A volunteer came to the airport to show me where to go. As soon the taxi took off I forgot all about him, my eyes were glued to the windows.

Horns drowned out the rest of the noise; people carting enormous loads by hand or on bike, motorbikes whizzing by with women in Sari’s holding multiple children, cows wandering across the road and street traders yelling. We dodged in and out of traffic, often on the wrong side of the road passing dead dogs and slums, filthy rivers, colorful markets and children begging, past buildings you couldn’t believe were still standing and tangled cables that were probably holding them together. I got out of the taxi having felt like I’d just watched a movie.

Welcome to India!

I don’t know how you react to moments like this in your own life but the first thing I always think of is I wish…was here. I can’t wait to give others the same opportunity that I’ve had, whether that be an amazing hike, a delicious meal or a life changing experience. Things are always better shared.

Since then I have been back to India and Nepal three times to share the experience with friends, family and students.

I have been lucky enough to be able to partner with staff from HOPE Worldwide (A Faith based Charity) on these trips which has provided opportunities to volunteer and given insights into how charities work and what sort of things they are trying to accomplish.

THE EVENT: This will look different based on the time of year, needs at the time and projects available to volunteer at each time.

You will find the outline of a past trip below. A basic itinerary for a (2-3 week) trip would include.

Flying to India, Visiting current HOPE projects, Touring a slum, Meeting with HOPE Worldwide staff, Going to smaller villages and projects to run activities and promote work of HOPE, interviews/photos with media, Flying to Nepal, Volunteering in school, teaching, running activities, games, art & craft etc, Share a meal with school principal and staff, take school children on an excursion into the mountains, Visit school families and hear their stories/struggles, Fly back home with a lot to think about!!

A three week trip would include a hike in the Himalayas picking up rubbish while trekking.

Trip Schedule

To find out more about these trips email


  • To be exposed to reality and ask tough questions.
  • To work with and meet incredible people.
  • To be challenged and inspired.
  • To stop and reflect on your own life.
  • To learn how our actions effect others.
  • To develop compassion and understanding.
  • To engage in Christian Community.


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