Simple Lunch

NYXTHE STORY: I love bargains.

Most of the time I’m more excited by the discount than I am the actual product. In fact, when I see a bargain there’s no knowing how much i’ll buy. Some of my better purchases include

  • 198 large chocolate bunnies @ 25 cents each.
  • 64 boxes of Shapes @ 43 cents each.
  • 160 Boost Bars @ 33 cents each.
  • 70kg of Watermelon @ 10 cents per kilo.

I even used to own a cardboard NQR man.

So when I heard my Brother-in-law Glenn raving about dumpster diving and all the great things he’d picked up, I was curious. I had to find out what was inside these giant steel bins for myself. One night we snuck out the back of ALDI where we found some locked bins. Glenn unpinned the handles, slid out the metal poles and opened the bin from the back (who’d have imagined a bin being something you’d have to “break into”).

I could hardly believe what was inside. Hardly any of it could actually be considered rubbish, especially not the six-pack of Bourbon I found! This beat any bargains I had picked up in the past, I had to show someone.

Soon after, I took some students out with me to raid the dumpsters at our local shopping centre. In one bin there were entire garbage bags full of donuts. I helped myself to those still sealed in their packaging. As I was sorting through the bags I noticed that some donuts had fully wrapped Cherry-Ripe’s stuck to their icing!

How could this stuff end up in the bin?

Check out the revealing video below

THE EVENT: We can’t post our rotting leftovers to people starving on the other side of the world but we can buy less, and in doing so have something to contribute. As a challenging quote puts it, we should “Live simply, so others can simply live”.

One way I thought this could be done is by taking the day old bread from Bakers Delight (that will just be thrown out otherwise) and bringing it to school. Once a week we would set up a table and invite students to share in a simple lunch. They were given bread and then asked to contribute either a gold coin or what they would normally spend on lunch.


  • To be made more aware of what we waste
  • To live simply so others can simply live.
  • To contribute to projects that help those who are starving.
  • To remember how good we really have it.


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