Fundraising & Awareness

Just Cause logoGot a fundraising idea?

Just ‘Cause would love to help you get the most out of it by…

  • Putting the FUN back in fundraising
  • Enabling others to jump on board your mission
  • Building community, teamwork and friendships
  • Connecting people with your cause
  • Creating a challenge worth sharing

Why Just ‘Cause?

I am convinced that raising money can be more than running a casual clothing day, selling unhealthy food or sitting outside a shopping center hassling people. I have worked with many creative and passionate people in developing an approach to fundraising which impacts both giver and receiver.

Doing things differently may take more time and planning but the payoff is that your fundraising team will learn to work together, communicate effectively, plan, organise, rely on each other, value different roles, build community, develop friendships, unite for a cause and teach others about what they are doing. Oh, and they will probably walk away with some sweet memories of the time they did…

Who do I fund-raise for?

World Vision, HOPE Worldwide, TEAR Australia, Compassion, Oxfam, Red Cross…There are so many great charities that exist today it can be hard to choose. Check out Charity Navigator to find out what each of them spend their money on and how they compare.

Check it out.

Click the photo’s below to check out some campaigns I’ve been involved in.


Homeless Nights


Flow Rider 100

Copy of 100_8300

Come and See: India & Nepal

Training for hope

Training for HOPE


Busking All Stations

Ride round Aus poster

Ride Round Australia

images (1)

Simple Lunch


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