Upcoming Events

Upcoming events:

These events may change depending on the support/permission required to run them. A more accurate timeline for these events will be available in the coming months.

Pour Effort: A campaign based around water waste which will involve emptying a swimming pool bucket by bucket  down the drain in Melbourne’s CBD. (Date and government support yet to be confirmed)

Ride Round Australia: Will your school be able to ride around Australia in a month. Click HERE for a full description. (Date: After winter, to be confirmed)

Don’t play with these balls: A student led protest to speak out against child labor and promote fairly traded sports products. (Date: Starting Term 3)

Play with these balls: A walk from one end of the 90 mile beach to the other, kicking, throwing, and bowling various balls to raise money for sports equipment for those who don’t have it, also promoting fairly produced sporting goods. (Term 3 Holidays)


If you are interested in joining any of these challenges, getting a group together or more information please join the “Ontheflipside” Facebook group leave a comment below or contact andrew@ontheflipside.org




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