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I don’t need to say too much to prove this world is an upside-down place. On one side of the world we have people starving to death and on the other people throwing away food. We have people dropping bombs on others to tell them to stop being violent and there are people who earn more in one hour, than half the people in the world earn in an entire year.

We can’t ignore these injustices, but at the same time we can’t just complain about them. Ontheflipside comes from the belief that the world is upside-down and needs to be flipped over again, and that through the creative and passionate efforts of  people who share this belief, WE CAN do something about it.

Here you will find new and imaginative ways to take action, be inspired to do something that matters, learn about and challenge ways in which we are living upside-down. Ontheflipside is about developing an army of young people, providing ways for them to make a difference in this world and helping them grow into passionate adults.

Want to get involved? Here’s four ways you can.

Mirrogram clothing – Want to change peoples perspective or start a conversation about something important to you? Mirrogram designs change what they say when you look in the mirror, causing people to literally “Stop and Reflect”. If you want to stand-up and stand-out, look no further than the world’s first reflective clothing line.

Just ‘Cause – Both a fundraising and mentoring initiative where young people can learn about and act on justice issues that matter to them. Part of this will be free talks and workshops given in schools.

Presentations & Workshops – FREE talks and workshops for School/Youth groups centered around challenging perceptions, social justice, fundraising and awareness.

Ambigrams – (words that can also be read upside down) – Learn how to create designs to flip peoples perspective.

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